A Jaunt Around Southeast Asia

Grand Palace

I’m managed to find my way back home after 5 weeks of galloping around Southeast Asia. In comparison to the more travelled North America (at least in my case), Asia is a new world, in so many ways. The culture shock was of the most genuine kind, as long as you’re willing. You can see the western influences everywhere you go, it’s inevitable, but the goal was to seek out the original, the soul, the heart that pumps blood through the country. I can safely say I saw, ate, and tried a vast amount of new things. Taking a stab at the unknown on multiple levels is an experience all in itself – I highly recommend it, wherever you are. The trip began in Vietnam and ended in Bali, with a Thailand stint in between. A couple 16 hour flights, a 12 hour bus ride, multiple full-day tours, a handful of shorter flights and a whole lot of time spent in airports makes for writing opportunities. Was it a coincidence that numerous review-worthy albums were released during my trip – who knows. Regardless, I strung together three or four solid reviews, all of which were written in previously unvisited environments. The plan is finalize and drop the reviews next week and piece together a monstrous Blues & Beats. But for now, i’ll post a selective batch of photographs from the trip and jot down some highlights – take a peak and feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

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