Live: “Legends of the Summer” – JZ | JT

JZ/JT at BC Place

Legends of the Summer is a fitting name. Justin Timberlake, with his boy band turned solo platinum recording artist status, an SNL skit here and there, some golf with Bill Murray, and maybe even a film with Mila Kunis. Then there’s Jay-Z, arguably the biggest Hip Hop mogul, along with being one of the most influential persons in the world, he happens to be a decent business, man. Both of which are fresh off platinum albums, it doesn’t get much better then that. As soon as the two gentlemen stepped on to that stage, this untouchable aura arrived, and infected the building for over two hours.

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SNL Digital Shorts: YOLO

The Lonely Island - YOLO

The Lonely Island is back at trolling the Hip-Hop industry hard. Andy Samberg and company call up Kendrick Lamar for a verse, Adam Levine for a hook, and Kenny “Fuckin” Powers (Danny McBride) to play a fitting roll; cokehead. The topic of discussion this time around; Drake’s infectious saying/lifestyle “YOLO,” which has been graciously changed to ‘You Oughta Look Out.’ I appreciate them poking fun at the rap game, sometimes it’s fun to add a little humour in the mix, all that beefing and ballin’ gets a little serious.

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Jay-Z’s Life + Times

As part of Jay-Z’s Life + Times cultural hub, his YouTube channel pokes it’s head in on some interesting topics. He has enlisted long-time Hip Hop enthusiast Elliot Wilson to weigh in on the ongoing debates of the industry. In the last couple weeks, some great videos have surfaced; the rivalry between the Knicks and Nets, we see Black Hippy on tour, and the debate on whether Kendrick Lamar is hype or real.

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AHM Network: Louis Vuitton – “Dream”


Directed by Stuart McIntyre in collaboration with Ogilvy Paris.

This is part of Louis Vuitton’s “The Greatest Words” by Muhammad Ali series, featuring Yasiin Bey (Mos Def). This campaign and video is incredibly captivating. When you take one of the greatest boxers of all time, one of the most prominent designer companies, and a conscious rapper, you get class.

NHL: 36

NBC Sports started a new documentary series back in December 2011. Much like HBO’s 24/7, it follows a specific player for 36 hours. You get the chance to see inside the life of a NHL player. Unfortunately it’s not HBO, so you’ll have to deal with the “bleeping,” which if you’ve ever seen inside the hockey world, there’s a decent amount of it.
This post will catch you up with the series, there have been 5 episodes so far and as they air, AHM will post them.
December 14, 2011 – Patrick Kane (Chicago Blackhawks
January 4, 2012 – Patrice Bergeron (Boston Bruins)
January 25, 2012 – Nicklas Lidstrom (Detroit Red Wings)
February 22, 2012 – Mike Richards (L.A. Kings)
March 7, 2012 – James Neal (Pittsburgh Penguins)


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AHM Network: Jay-Z Live at SXSW 2012

Jay-Z and American Express hooked up for a hour-long free show in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest (SXSW). The Roc Nation captain stepped on to the stage 40 minutes late with some fresh Nike AirYeezy 2’s designed by fellow Watch The Throne collaborator Kanye West. The show was broadcast live on YouTube and VEVO for mobile devices.


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