Throwback Thursday: 2001

This is the second instalment to the Throwback Thursday feature. 2001 is the year.
Jay-Z released the first Blueprint which would be later followed by two more. The Shins entered the scene with their quirky indie music which later turned to gold. Death Cab For Cutie started gaining some traction as far as being “known” goes. Usher caught fire, from the previous record selling less than a million copies, to 8701 selling almost 8 million worldwide.
Flashback to 2001

Throwback Thursday: 1999

Inspired by iTunes shuffling through some gems a few days ago, Throwback Thursday has taken form. It’s always a blast looking through the past; what you jammed to at elementary school dances, the tracks you hid from your parents, the ones that inspired you to stick that Z95.3 sticker on your bumper and everything in between. You may have them hiding in your libraries and just need to dust them off and try again, or you’ve lost them to a overly scratched mix CD, either way enjoy the posts.
First up, 1999. Despite all the pop, it was a strong year in Hip Hop with Dr. Dre’s second LP 2001, Nas’ third, and Jay-Z fourth


Flashback to 1999