Who is D-WHY?

David Morris, the West Virginia 24-year old goes by the name D-WHY. Residing in and around New York and Los Angeles, the man is making quite the name for himself. And while it sounded clever over Gambino’s “Freaks And Geeks,” it’s the best way to describe this multifaceted artist, “Jay-Z meets J. Christ meets Jay Leno meets J.Crew.”

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Album Review: Self Made, Vol. 2 by Maybach Music Group

Released June 26, 2012 via Maybach Music Group

Rick Ross and his MMG affiliates got it right the second time around. Self Made, Vol. 1 is a mixture of unoriginal, repetitive beats and bland lyricism that leaves you feeling slightly abandon by the genre you look to for inspiration. Volume 2 however, is a completely different story.


Album Review: Synthetica by Metric

Released June 12, 2012 via Mom + Pop Records.

“I’m just as fucked up as they say/I can’t fake the daytime/Found an entrance to escape into the dark,” an opening line to set the precedence for the record. According to a letter, not a blog, but a letter frontman Emily Haines wrote to her family, friends and fans, Synthetica is about identifying with your own reflection, deciphering real from artificial.