Phantogram – Celebrate Nothing

Monday Blues & Beats Vol. 86

Sango & Atu

Good afternoon and welcome to Monday Blues & Beats Volume Eighty-Six. You may have noticed the new look and not having the ability to download individual tracks. This past week my server that hosts all the music for Blues & Blues went down, and it doesn’t look like it will be back up anytime soon. However, here we are with another beautiful mix of eclectic tunes. I will play around with some new methods and see what works best, and pisses off the least amount of DMCA police. Downloading music is a grey area for many, and like myself, it took a long time and a whole lot of free music before I began paying for the bulk of it. I understand that you can find almost any song in the world for free. So the point of these AHM mixes is to post the singles, freebies, promo tracks, mixtapes, and whatever else the artist has intended to gain momentum before releasing an EP, LP, Tour Album, etc, etc. Even if only a few of you become avid followers of an artist, purchase their album on iTunes, attend their concert in your town – i’m happy.