Mos Def

Amerigo Gazaway – “Yasiin Gaye: The Departure (Side One)”

Yasiin Gaye

A few mixes ago we posted a track by Amerigo Gazaway, which was a mash-up of Marvin Gaye and Yasiin Bey. Well that track was part of a full project of deconstructed Gaye beats, and Bey (FKA Mos Def) raps. This Nashville producer has tapped into something unique and memorable. Stay tuned for Side Two

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AHM Network: Louis Vuitton – “Dream”


Directed by Stuart McIntyre in collaboration with Ogilvy Paris.

This is part of Louis Vuitton’s “The Greatest Words” by Muhammad Ali series, featuring Yasiin Bey (Mos Def). This campaign and video is incredibly captivating. When you take one of the greatest boxers of all time, one of the most prominent designer companies, and a conscious rapper, you get class.