AHM Network: Ep. 10

The much anticipated self-titled video from Drake’s Take Care¬†was delayed over a week and now we end up with a double-video release from the Canadian artist.




Backed by the sound of Gill-Scott Heron, remixed by Jamie xx, the “Take Care” video has well-orchestrated visuals. Rihanna looking like a lost puppy in an empty room is consistently comforted by Drake, signifying strength (the bull). Along with the warm embrace in a cold scene, you see beautiful imagery including a bluejay, tropical fish and an acrobat doing his thing. In addition, two scenes straight out of Lord of the Rings.




On the opposite end of the spectrum, Drake’s Re-Bar Mitzvah, or something along those lines. Featuring Lil Wayne in a panda mask. The outlook portrayed is very care-free, participating in what you believe while having a good time is achievable. Again, very fitting visuals with a slight Lonely Island-esque goofiness to it. Special guest appearances from Birdman, DJ Khaled,Trey Songz and more.

Visuals In The Cut