David Morris

D-WHY Presents: “Young, Loved, Hated & Broke”


If you’ve been following AHM for awhile, you’ll know I have mad love for the genre-bending David Morris aka D-WHY. The West Virginia native’s creativity blossoms through his music, videos, fashion and formula. Up to this point, the man has given away all his music for free, building a strong fan base while distributing quality. So here we are, on the release day of Young, Loved, Hated & Broke EP, and you can both purchase the project, or get it for free.

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Who is D-WHY?

David Morris, the West Virginia 24-year old goes by the name D-WHY. Residing in and around New York and Los Angeles, the man is making quite the name for himself. And while it sounded clever over Gambino’s “Freaks And Geeks,” it’s the best way to describe this multifaceted artist, “Jay-Z meets J. Christ meets Jay Leno meets J.Crew.”

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