Born To Die

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die – The Paradise Edition

The re-release of the ever so popular Born To Die has finally been officially announced. The Paradise Edition will feature 9 new tracks (8 + 1 bonus) and it set to be released November 12. Lana Del Rey makes good, catchy pop music, and has a highly addictive persona. I like the fact that she released a handful of unreleased songs, is re-releasing an album that is already successful, all before her sophomore album. Initial judgement tells me, she has a vault full of material, and that more records seem imminent.

UPDATE: The video for “Ride” has been released, and the Pre-Order is available.

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Monday Blues & Beats Vol. 6


The Rapture released three phenomenal remixes of the ever so buzz-worthy track “Sail Away” (Click Album Cover For EP). The Big Pink released their sophomore record courtesy of 4AD Records. Jay-Z got some brand new vocals (literally) on his latest track, Lana Del Rey does it once again, the LP release date has found it’s way into iCal’s all over the world (January 27). Slick flow Chip Tha Ripper over a Lex Luger beat. 5 absent years and a record label later, The Shins are working on a new project due March, “Simple Song” is the first single.


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