The AHM Network Ep. 7

Wale’s title track to a very successful album “Ambition” video premiered today via BET 106 & Park.
More of the same from Chromatics. Their fourth single “Lady,” from the upcoming LP Kill For Love has similar visuals as their previous videos. I’m sure if you watched them all back-to-back, the collaboration would create a nice short film.
The Gorillaz throw a rager, ending with an eviction notice for their Converse promotional single “DoYaThing.”
Tyga’s blazing single with an even hotter remix found visuals this week.
Jeezy deals with some family drama in “Leave You Alone,” with Ne-Yo on the hook.


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Album Review: Ambition

The Nigerian born emcee hailing from Washington DC hits us with his sophomore record. The recently signed Maymach Music Group poet was open to change for this album. Ambition is not a more sophisticated word for bragging, merely a way of expressing aspirations.
After spitting multiple verses on his first MMG project, (the label-mate compilation Self Made, Vol. 1), we understood the chemistry gained with Rick Ross and the gang.

Wale has strung together immense amounts of constant online discussion, not just chatter or “yeah, I saw that track on Hot New Hip Hop but haven’t listened yet.” If I could could pick a rapper who’s lyrics and song-feature choices have been consistently dissected by the bloggers and reviewers, it would be Mr. Folarin. Ambition is the finale for Wale’s coming out party into the world of Hip Hop. Attention Deficit’s first single being “Chillin’ with the queen of unusualness, Gaga, was lacking (not to knock the Steam sample). The sophomore approach brought out promotional singles “Bait,” and “Chain Music.” And finally, the first official single, “Lotus Flower Bomb” co-starring the incredibly addictive Made In Hookland, Miguel.

The record opens with a “cue the red curtain” feeling at a jazz club with “Don’t Hold Your Applause.” The following track was murdered thanks to Lex Luger and will have you shouting Wale! Jumping down to the smooth vocals from Lloyd with the most interesting beat on the record. After Ne-Yo’s “Sexy Love Pt. 2,” G.O.O.D.’s newest protégé Big Sean enters with a lesson on Doing Work! Followed by yet another ominous beat from T-Minus, the warranted title track features Meek Mill’s aggression, Mr. Self-Made himself, Rick Ross and Wale closing with some wise words, Lebron shit, I was in that 6 after 23.” Hopping back up to “Focused,” with the perfect guest, Kid Cudi, these two talented emcees buried the hatchet and produced this track about forgetting the bullshit and making music. Finally, I was happy to see that the Cole collaboration wasn’t left behind, “Bad Girls Club” has fairly meaningless lyrics, but a memorable beat and something fun to bump.

Overall, Wale chose some unique beats, fantastic guests, and displays his poetic talent perfectly.

Note: Ambition sold more copies in a month than Attention Deficit has to-date.


Wale – Ambition (feat. Meek Mill & Rick Ross)

Wale – Lotus Flower Bomb (feat. Miguel)

Wale – Double M Genius