Top 25 Albums of 2012

Top 25 Albums of 2012

During this first month of the new year, i’ve re-listened to the collection of 2012 albums and i’m picking my favourites. So here we go, in January ’12, an EP dropped by someone named Lana Del Rey. As she talked about video games and blues jeans, the beautiful 26-year old stole our hearts. On the other end of the musical spectrum, a man from Compton gradually climbed the ladder until he exploded on the scene . We were introduced to a 5-piece folk group from Iceland, as their little talks became worldly conversations. Some artists fell off the map, others regained momentum, some started beef, others squashed it, some hit the scene quick and hard, while others had their hard work finally pay off. Regardless, 2012 was a fantastic year, and it’s time for a recap.

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AHM Network: Jay-Z Live at SXSW 2012

Jay-Z and American Express hooked up for a hour-long free show in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest (SXSW). The Roc Nation captain stepped on to the stage 40 minutes late with some fresh Nike AirYeezy 2’s designed by fellow¬†Watch The Throne collaborator Kanye West. The show was broadcast live on YouTube and VEVO for mobile devices.


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Record (Adele) Sales: Week 7


Following the hype around the six Grammy awards Adele took home this week, a couple thousand people felt they should pick up a copy of the record, 241,956 to be exact. The phenomenon that is Adele, never ceases to halt or amaze me. Can you imagine a world with a third LP from the British singer?
21 has sold roughly 17 million copies worldwide
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy¬†re-entered the Top 200 after winning Best Rap Album along with two other Grammys for “All Of The Lights.”


Top 20 Records In The Cut