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Helping Mold the Face of EDM in America

Stevee Grande Cover

I am pleased to announced AHM’s first official song premiere, in partner with Fourth Quarter Publishing.

Stevee Grande

Estefan Saucedo (18), who goes by Stevee Grande on the stage, grew up in Mexico and began with the plucking of strings at the age of six. Classical guitar quickly became his forte, a skill that landed him in competitions around town. After relocating to the United States for high school, rock ‘n’ roll quickly became something his ears lusted after. Metal being one of the key genres that struck a nerve. After finally falling in love with electronic music, Logic 9 and Traktor were quickly scribbled on to the shopping list. From there; the inner genius and uncanny creativity took over.

Grande’s passion for EDM strives on the aspect that he can combine elements from all the musical influences in his life, and have still have that synergy under one roof. He described the drop in his latest single as being specifically derived from heavy metal. It’s safe to say I didn’t quite get it until I heard the track for myself. “Til The World Ends” has this dark, grungy vibe, with an underlying mellow feel, an adjective Grande used to describe Mexican rock. His plans for the second single include some of those softer, more mellow sounds. Stevee plans to stay busy with touring, and when I asked him about connections thus far, he casually mentioned Nicky Romero gave him some notes on his music.

AHM Song Premiere: “Til The World Ends” by Stevee Grande

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JT’s 20/20 Experience Nearly Goes Platinum First Week



That’s how many copies of Mr. Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience were sold in just the first week. The once N’SYNC member has graced us with three solo albums, all of which progressively did better on the selling charts. Justified sold 439,00 first week, FutureSex/LoveSounds moved 684,000 and according to Billboard 200, the official US Album Chart, The 20/20 Experience surpassed both with nearly a million copies. The album is fantastic if you haven’t already listened to it, his style and maturity have progressed, making the record smooth and diverse.


The 20:20 Experience

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The Music Industry is Back!

Music Industry

For the first time in 13 years, the beloved music industry made a profit. Last year, the revenue grew by 0.03%. It might not seem like a lot, but the notion of a positive over a negative speaks volumes.

In 2012, music revenues boosted to $16.5 billion, the last time we saw a profit, “…Baby One More Time” was the biggest hit single, and the Top 10 selling albums list was clouded by names like N’SYNC, Backstreet Boys, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera and so on. Digital downloads have accounted for a hefty amount of the revenue with $5.6 billion, which is up 9%, and music streaming such as Spotify and Rdio have increased their subscriptions by 44% to about 20 million worldwide. Another significant statistic is that P2P (illegal peer-to-peer) downloading is down 9% since 2006, bringing that number to just 11% in 2012. Regardless of how you look at it, the important fact here is that the music industry has made incredibly progress, even with all odds against it. So I salute those that still purchase CDs, the ones that can’t stray from the raw sound of vinyl, the ones that enjoy the convenience of iTunes and iCloud, those with subscriptions and anyone else that pours well deserved money into the music industry.



Facts courtesy of NPD Group and IFPI


Elli Ingram Covers Kendrick’s “Poetic Justice”

Elli Ingram - Poetic Justice

Covers are usually hit or miss for me, but Ms. Ingram does Kendrick’s number incredible justice. Her attitude and delivery accentuate the soulfulness of the track, think Erykah Badu meets Ellie Goulding. The visuals add a stunning effect, courtesy of Harry Cauty. The song is originally produced by Scoop DeVille, and revamped by Felix Joseph and Rudi Redz.

Elli Ingram – “Poetice Justice”


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Top 25 Albums of 2012

Top 25 Albums of 2012

During this first month of the new year, i’ve re-listened to the collection of 2012 albums and i’m picking my favourites. So here we go, in January ’12, an EP dropped by someone named Lana Del Rey. As she talked about video games and blues jeans, the beautiful 26-year old stole our hearts. On the other end of the musical spectrum, a man from Compton gradually climbed the ladder until he exploded on the scene . We were introduced to a 5-piece folk group from Iceland, as their little talks became worldly conversations. Some artists fell off the map, others regained momentum, some started beef, others squashed it, some hit the scene quick and hard, while others had their hard work finally pay off. Regardless, 2012 was a fantastic year, and it’s time for a recap.

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SNL Digital Shorts: YOLO

The Lonely Island - YOLO

The Lonely Island is back at trolling the Hip-Hop industry hard. Andy Samberg and company call up Kendrick Lamar for a verse, Adam Levine for a hook, and Kenny “Fuckin” Powers (Danny McBride) to play a fitting roll; cokehead. The topic of discussion this time around; Drake’s infectious saying/lifestyle “YOLO,” which has been graciously changed to ‘You Oughta Look Out.’ I appreciate them poking fun at the rap game, sometimes it’s fun to add a little humour in the mix, all that beefing and ballin’ gets a little serious.

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The Weeknd – Trilogy Pre-Order + “Wicked Games” Video

It’s nearly impossible to have not heard of The Weeknd by now. Whether you appreciate his music and style or not, at least one, two or twenty of your friends mention him in passing. It began with a free mixtape, a song featured on the Entourage promo trailer, a couple features on a Drake album, a couple tours, a couple more free tapes, and the rest is history. Now Abel Tesfaye (Weeknd) of Toronto Canada is re-releasing the three mixtapes as a trilogy. It features the 30 original songs plus the rumoured, now official video for “The Zone” featuring Drake. Along with the official announcement, the visuals for “Wicked Games” hit the web.

Trilogy drops November 13, pre-order it on iTunes now.

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Lana Del Rey – Born To Die – The Paradise Edition

The re-release of the ever so popular Born To Die has finally been officially announced. The Paradise Edition will feature 9 new tracks (8 + 1 bonus) and it set to be released November 12. Lana Del Rey makes good, catchy pop music, and has a highly addictive persona. I like the fact that she released a handful of unreleased songs, is re-releasing an album that is already successful, all before her sophomore album. Initial judgement tells me, she has a vault full of material, and that more records seem imminent.

UPDATE: The video for “Ride” has been released, and the Pre-Order is available.

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Missy Elliott – 2 New Singles

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Missy Elliott, seven years to be exact. The Cookbook came out in 2005, and now the 41 year old is working on a new project called Block Party. With all the press surrounding Timbaland and Missy being left out of the Aaliyah project, it was a perfect time to capitalize. So here they are, two brand new singles from Elliott, both produced and featuring Timbaland.

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Lana Del Rey: 5 Unreleased Tracks

It hasn’t been that long since we’ve heard from the most recent indie pop queen, but it feels like forever. Lana Del Rey’s debut record was Born into success. With the singles heating up charts, radios and blogs everywhere, it was bound to find itself at the top, good or bad. Born To Die was indeed a great pop record. In the last few days, her name has caught fire once again. She is re-releasing the album in “Paradise Edition” form. It will contain 7 unreleased tracks, 5 of which were posted on Soundcloud for download (100 max each unfortunately). I happen to be online at the right time and was able to download them. So if you missed out, here they are, give them a listen, download or just pass on by.

There is something to be said about demos, they hold that raw sound that you often miss out on when it has been produced and mastered.

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