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84th Academy Award Winners


A well deserved evening for Martin Scorsese and his team of talented humans who worked on Hugo. Five Oscars was also the number The Artist took home, a film I have yet to view. If I do happen to watch it soon, not letting the Academy Award hype cloud my vision might prove difficult.
Scorsese’s masterpiece is one that might leave viewers puzzled when they figure out it’s his. As Billy Crystal put so eloquently during a skit “”Are you sure this is a Scorsese movie? Nobody’s gotten whacked yet.” I enjoy a director who can convey character development extremely well, subtle, real and relatable. It’s usually one of the make it/break it factors for me. Hugo takes you on an adventure of two characters, one moving forward, attempting to find his future, the second; stuck in a melancholy state about his past. At the conclusion of the film, you understand both characters so well. You’ve met them, know them, knew them and their age, environment, personality is irrelevant.
Granted, Hugo won the majority of it’s awards in the technical categories. I could go on for days about how visually stunning it was sitting in the theatre, even while trying to keep cheap glasses on my face. Every pin drop, train whistle, cloud of steam and robotic joint adds to the overall feeling of the film. I highly recommend picking up a copy.


Full List Of Winners


  Better late than never. I finally took the chance to watch the “Indie-Star-Studded,” based on a true story comedy. Establishing a connection with a movie immediately is the key to a successful viewing. Whether it be the storyline, character or location. I found myself relating to Adam’s (Gordon-Levitt) character, but not his situation. The organizational OCD, taste in music, lack of driver’s license and strong-willed, caring mother hit close to home. Not to mention, Pike & Cambie is an impossible intersection. Seeing the city you’ve lived in your entire life in a film can definitely add to the experience. Accompanied by phenomonal music from Radiohead, Roy Orbison, The Walkmen and perhaps the most pivotal scene; the triumphant Explosions In The Sky-esque song by Liars, “The Other Side Of Mt. Heart Attack.” As for storyline, the film is carried out well, captures the comedy and tragedy of life; leaving you laughing, and for some crying.