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Top 25 Albums of 2012

Top 25 Albums of 2012

During this first month of the new year, i’ve re-listened to the collection of 2012 albums and i’m picking my favourites. So here we go, in January ’12, an EP dropped by someone named Lana Del Rey. As she talked about video games and blues jeans, the beautiful 26-year old stole our hearts. On the other end of the musical spectrum, a man from Compton gradually climbed the ladder until he exploded on the scene . We were introduced to a 5-piece folk group from Iceland, as their little talks became worldly conversations. Some artists fell off the map, others regained momentum, some started beef, others squashed it, some hit the scene quick and hard, while others had their hard work finally pay off. Regardless, 2012 was a fantastic year, and it’s time for a recap.

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Four Tet – “0181”

Four Tet - 0181

Kieran Hebden, also known as Four Tet; the UK-born electronic music genius has released his latest project for free. 0181 is a compilation of his early work between 1997-2001. These are often referred to as ‘B-Sides,’ ‘Rarities,’ or ‘Outtakes,’ I like to think of them as puzzle pieces that never found a home. Each piece of work paints an individual picture as you listen through the 40-minute composition. Not to mention, these pictures are incredibly vivid and distinct.

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Album Review: Food and Liquor II by Lupe Fiasco

Released September 25, 2012 via 1st & 15th Records

In today’s Hip-Hop industry, the term “conscious rap” rarely finds it’s way to the top of the charts or trends. Lupe Fiasco, has the innate ability to conquer that. With talks about retirement, battles with his parent record company, and being trashed by fellow Chicago artist Chief Reef, the release of the next album seemed less than imminent. Luckily, overcoming fears and tribulations is one of Fiasco’s strong suits, subsequently giving us Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1.

“Even if I’m injured I’m gonna limp into the end zone”


Album Review: Self Made, Vol. 2 by Maybach Music Group

Released June 26, 2012 via Maybach Music Group

Rick Ross and his MMG affiliates got it right the second time around. Self Made, Vol. 1 is a mixture of unoriginal, repetitive beats and bland lyricism that leaves you feeling slightly abandon by the genre you look to for inspiration. Volume 2 however, is a completely different story.


Album Review: Synthetica by Metric

Released June 12, 2012 via Mom + Pop Records.

“I’m just as fucked up as they say/I can’t fake the daytime/Found an entrance to escape into the dark,” an opening line to set the precedence for the record. According to a letter, not a blog, but a letter frontman Emily Haines wrote to her family, friends and fans, Synthetica is about identifying with your own reflection, deciphering real from artificial.