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In Rotation: July Edition

In Rotation

Looking to discover new music?

‘In Rotation’ will be a monthly article that sums up the albums AHM has been listening to. Rather than long-winded album reviews, which has been done in the past here, this will give you a brief overview of each project. So if you’re looking for full projects, and enjoy the taste of music posted on AHM, this can be your guide. Click the album artwork on the left for a link to where you can download them (Bandcamp, iTunes, Free DL, etc.).

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Top 25 Albums of 2013

Top 25 Albums of 2013

Another year down, and another year overflowing with good, solid music. Twenty-thirteen started with a bang due to releases from A$AP Rocky, Local Natives, Nosaj Thing and Pusha T (to name a few). As the year wore on, mixtapes began flooding in from the likes of Tsu Surf, K Roosevelt, HS87, and come March, the prodigal son returned; Justin Timberlake. Over the next couple months, we received two disappointing efforts from the Young Money regime, Lil Wayne and Tyga. Let us skip ahead to the summer, and even being halfway around the world, that wasn’t going to get in the way of me enjoying one of the most dominant Hip Hop summers. The fall kept the ball rolling with a London Grammar’s long awaited debut, a couple follow-ups from The Weeknd and 2 Chainz, plus a less then stellar third instalment from the Maybach Empire. We topped the year off with a strong sophomore effort from Childish Gambino and a surprise album from Beyoncé. This was a substantial 365 days of music, I can only hope the next 365 produce nothing less.

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Album Review: Repave by Volcano Choir

Volcano Choir - Repave

Picture walking through a meadow at dawn with cold feet and a haze of fog in the distance, that same serene calmness and uncertainty can be found in “Comrade.” Justin Vernon has this innate ability to paint pictures through his music that wander along the cusp between beautiful reality, and vivid imagination. As the dream reaches for the stars sonically, the raw emotion keeps your feet grounded.

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