Helping Mold the Face of EDM in America

Stevee Grande Cover

I am pleased to announced AHM’s first official song premiere, in partner with Fourth Quarter Publishing.

Stevee Grande

Estefan Saucedo (18), who goes by Stevee Grande on the stage, grew up in Mexico and began with the plucking of strings at the age of six. Classical guitar quickly became his forte, a skill that landed him in competitions around town. After relocating to the United States for high school, rock ‘n’ roll quickly became something his ears lusted after. Metal being one of the key genres that struck a nerve. After finally falling in love with electronic music, Logic 9 and Traktor were quickly scribbled on to the shopping list. From there; the inner genius and uncanny creativity took over.

Grande’s passion for EDM strives on the aspect that he can combine elements from all the musical influences in his life, and have still have that synergy under one roof. He described the drop in his latest single as being specifically derived from heavy metal. It’s safe to say I didn’t quite get it until I heard the track for myself. “Til The World Ends” has this dark, grungy vibe, with an underlying mellow feel, an adjective Grande used to describe Mexican rock. His plans for the second single include some of those softer, more mellow sounds. Stevee plans to stay busy with touring, and when I asked him about connections thus far, he casually mentioned Nicky Romero gave him some notes on his music.

AHM Song Premiere: “Til The World Ends” by Stevee Grande

[audio|width=625|titles=Til The World Ends]


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