Monday Blues & Beats Vol. 104

Volume 104

Good afternoon folks, Happy St. Patricks Day and welcome to Volume 104. This weeks mix brings us new material from the likes of Jay Electronica, Calvin Harris, 50 Cent, Jhené Aiko, Sia, as well as a few dazzling remixes.

Jay Electronica – “Better In Tune With The Infinite (feat. LaTonya Givens)”

It’s always a special week when Roc Nation’s Jay Elec steps out and drops a track. This is an incredibly heartfelt composition featuring soulful vocals from LaTonya Givens and the usage of a majestic sample. If you’re familiar with the film Babel, you’ll recognize it from the ending montage (Trey Songz also used it on “Can’t Be Friends”).

Jay Electronica – “Better In Tune With The Infinite (Cookin Soul Remix) [feat. LaTonya Givens]”

A few days after it surfaced, producer duo Cookin’ Soul added some bounce to the original. There’s a different vibe going on here, but I appreciate that they didn’t get too carried away and disrupt the integrity of the original.

Sia – “Chandelier”

9 times out of 10, Sia Furler sells her genius to the likes of Rihanna (“Diamonds”), Ne-Yo (“Let Me Love You”), Beyoncé (“Pretty Hurts”). However, this time around, I believe she has a smash hit on her hands.

Available on

Calvin Harris – “Summer”

Here we go with another highly addictive, high-energy single from the Scottish wonderboy Calvin Harris.

Available on

50 Cent – “Hold On”

50 takes it back to the “Ghetto Qu’ran” Power of the Dollar days with his latest release. “Hold On” has that laid back late 90’s atmosphere, where more of the focus was on the content. Animal Ambition drops June 3

Jhené Aiko – “My Afternoon Dream”

In celebration of her birthday, the gorgeous Ms. Aiko gives her fans a freebie. She has a instinct for these nostalgic beats, matching her luscious voice to them flawlessly.

Jacques Greene – “No Excuse”

We had a Jacques Greene edit back in Volume 93, and since then, I have been monitoring his Soundcloud page. The Montréal native has an EP coming April 28th, and this is track one from it.

Pre-Order on

Mapei – “Don’t Wait (Remix) [feat. Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment]”

I stumbled upon the original later then I would have liked to, but i’m on the ball with the remix. Chance and The Social Experiment add some pizazz to Mapei’s single.

MÖWE – “Call You Home (Bootleg)”

MÖWE is a producer duo from Vienna, Austria and i’m a little upset I didn’t discover them earlier. Their ability to rework a song has such a unique approach, and this here is one of my favourites of theirs. You can check out the brilliant original from Kelvin Jones right HERE

Teen Daze – “Tokyo Winter”

The latest from Teen Daze comes from his forthcoming EP Paradiso.

Tülpa – “Odds & Ends”

Tülpa is a 15 year-old Ukrainian musician from Pittsburgh, and delivers a splendid instrumental piece.

Blood Orange – “Chosen (Marvel Alexander Remix)”

Marvel Alexander steps outside the urban realm with a remix of Blood Orange, and delivers on all accounts.

Download Volume 104



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