Catch You On The Flip Side


To my avid AHM readers, I say goodbye for now, and we’ll catch up in five weeks time. A graduation gift to myself includes a trek to Southeast Asia. So while I search for the freshest fruit and clearest water, music will be on my mind, it’s inevitable, but I prefer a slight disconnected from technology. The only downside of being the sole owner and creator of a blog, is when you cannot write, the slate goes blank. So bear with me, I will be back with more culture, many photos, and hopefully some incredibly stories.

AHM Admin


  1. weekly mixes made my week for months. i will miss them! mazel tov on your graduation and good luck, man. what a life changing experience!

    1. Haha appreciate the love bro. I’ve been getting updates on the music world happenings…there’s a lot going on. This summer is (and will be) packed with fantastic records.


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