Broken Social Scene & Feist – Live on Jimmy Fallon

Perform On Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon received an extraordinary musical guest appearance tonight in my books, the people of Arts & Crafts Records. Along with the usual cohorts, Feist showed her beautiful face and lent her one-of-a-kind pipes to assist the full bodied classic “7/4 Shoreline” from the 2005 self-titled record. Something about this track never seems to get old for me, the instrumentation is comparable to a Basquiat painting, busy, colourful and synergetic. Before they stormed the shoreline, they played the fast paced “Almost Crimes” from You Forgot It In People.


“7/4 Shoreline (Live on Jimmy Fallon)”

“Almost Crimes (Live on Jimmy Fallon)”

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out their compilation album to celebrate 10 years of phenomenal music – Available on iTunes


    1. I can’t wait for the review, i’m incredibly jealous I couldn’t be there too.
      And thank you!! I actually do have a copy, but I lent it to someone and haven’t seen it yet. Plus, i’ve been meaning to read it again since the Fallon performance.

      1. alright, let me give the book to someone who doesn’t have it then and promise to hook you up with something else arts & crafts related in the near future. cool? wish I knew earlier I could have grabbed you a tee. leave it with me.

      2. 😉 indeed. the show was amazing. honestly, so well run and a true love letter to Toronto. we have taken way too many hits lately. I hope you like the pix and review when I get it posted. thanks for being understanding and like I said, a promise is a promise.


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