Four Tet – “0181”

Four Tet - 0181

Kieran Hebden, also known as Four Tet; the UK-born electronic music genius has released his latest project for free. 0181 is a compilation of his early work between 1997-2001. These are often referred to as ‘B-Sides,’ ‘Rarities,’ or ‘Outtakes,’ I like to think of them as puzzle pieces that never found a home. Each piece of work paints an individual picture as you listen through the 40-minute composition. Not to mention, these pictures are incredibly vivid and distinct.

It begins in a rather haunting manner, but progresses and jumps around much like human emotions often do. Around the 10-minute mark, the mood turns light, setting us up for the 12-minute mark when life becomes a party (so to speak). Life gets heavy around the 17-minute mark before we’re brought back to the dreamy chimes that started it all, as if to say “it’s interlude time.” 20 minutes now, and it’s beginning to feel sexy and dangerously seductive. A care-free attitude whiffs across the room in the late 20s, early 30s. It ends with a sense of confident calmness, as if to say, “this life thing, I sort of get it.”


Download: Four Tet – 0181

This piece of work is engaging, deep and open to interpretation. What did you think of it?


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