Hodgy Beats and Left Brain of OFWGKTA have a side project called MellowHype (if you didn’t already know). In celebration of their upcoming LP Numbers which drops October 9, we get ‘MellowHypeWeek;’ seven free tracks. The upcoming record serves as their third studio album, but first under a major label (Sony Records). So if you missed out, or are looking to be introduced to some alternative hip hop, get all seven tracks here.


  1. Decoy
  2. Greezy (feat. Domo Genesis)
  3. Wasabi (feat. Juicy J)
  4. Godsss
  5. F
  6. LP
  7.  WHAT

DOWNLOAD MellowHypeWeek [ZIP/M4A/256kbps]

“La Bonita” is the first single off Numbers, download it on iTunes HERE


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