Live: Big Sean

September 12, 2012 at Vogue in Vancouver, B.C.

After BoomBox Saints played a refreshing set on home-court, DJ MoBeatz spun a web of hype before the man of the hour graced us.  Coming from Detroit, his chains made in Japan, Sean Anderson, aka Big Sean, took the stage in Vancouver for the first time. With all but one white light dimmed, a slender silhouette was created just as that Young Chop beat dropped, and that’s that shit we all like.

The music always plays a large role in what makes a good live show, but as an artist, you can’t forget about entertainment value and crowd engagement. Big Sean definitely had a lot of fun with us. In between numbers, he shouted “Swirv,” “Boi,” “Oh god,” and even the odd “Whoa der boi don’t go there boi,” and received an automatic echo from a room full of copycats. For every track except “Burn,” where Mo Beatz jumped off his gear to join Sean on stage, Big was alone up there, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was dancing around the stage, ‘swirvin’ back and forth, lifting up his shirt (which eventually came off all together), keeping 1100 sets of eyes fixated on his 150 pound body. The technical crew did their thing, lights and sound were on point all night, besides one small smoke machine mishap, they were a nice touch. DJ MoBeatz has been Big Sean’s main man for quite some time now, and it pays dividends. There wasn’t anything too special, but the cuts and transitions were flawless.

If you’re familiar with the Hip Hop industry, you’ll know that mixtapes receive just as much hype, blogging and online chatter as the LP. So as an emcee, if you’re smart, you’ll put dedication and effort into your tapes, which includes adding those tracks to your setlist. With the release of his latest mixtape Detroit, I was pleased to hear a handful of tracks off the project. Highlights included “RWT,” “24K of Gold,” “Mula,” and “How It Feel.”

Along with many tracks off the Finally Famous LP, Sean spit a handful of his features. As soon as the familiar James Fauntleroy words rolled out; “What of the dollar you murdered for,” the crowd erupted. It was the first time “Clique” had been performed live, minus Jay and Ye of course, but Big Sean murdered the track as if he was the only feature on it. A few numbers later, he fired off his once playful freestyle for Kanye turned platinum verse from “Mercy.” MoBeatz cranked the BPM after the verse, and transitioned into “A$$” which got everyone bouncing, including the man performing. “Don’t Like.1” and Meek Mill’s “Burn” also made the cut as I mentioned previously.

Big Sean stepped into Vancouver and performed with a whirlwind of confidence and energy. His diversity on the setlist was well received; the roots, the famous, the bangers, the sentimental and even the features. Sean had a lot of fun with the crowd and vice verses judging by everyone’s mood, which failed to dissipate for 50 straight minutes.

Photos courtesy of @antoniotiangco

Thoughts on Big Sean live?


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