New York

This was the second time i’ve ventured over to the Big Apple. The first time, was in the middle of February, where the temperature differed slightly from the end of August. This time around, the days ranged between 30-35 degrees (Celsius). You often feel forced into doing “touristy” things when it’s your first time in a city full chock-full of excitement. Being that it was my second time there, I felt more submerged in the city, and found myself just wandering around enjoying my time as if I was a resident. So here are some photos from the trip, it was my first time taking the Sony NEX-5N out for a spin.

[audio|titles=Frank Sinatra – Theme From New York, New York]

In case you want some audio accompaniment, I left some Frankie here to go along with the fitting photographs.

Brooklyn Bridge Panoramic

The view from our room overlooking the Hudson


Take Flight

Bridging The Gap

A Reflective Brooklyn

Banksy bitches, Basquiat!


Skinny Love

Drawing Down The Moon

New York Skyline

Yankee Stadium Panoramic

Central Park

Cafe Lalo…corner for two

Growing by Design

Bruce Nauman: White Anger, Red Danger, Yellow Peril, Black Death



Dan Flavin – untitled. 1969

In Agreement


Museum of Modern Art



Keith Haring. Untitled

A Reflective Times Square

Screaming Coati

Sleeping Snow Leopard


Alice in Wonderland

If you’re ever in New York and haven’t been to the MoMA, I highly advise it. Whether you’re a sports fan or not, everyone must see a Yankees game in their lifetime. There’s something special about being a part of such a longstanding tradition and franchise. You could spend all day walking through Central Park, so don’t book any appointments. I quite enjoyed Spidey on Broadway, incredibly entertaining. For tickets, be sure to find the TKTS outlets (Times Square, South Street Seaport & Downtown Brooklyn), they’ve reduced the price by 20-50% off. For food, you can find the “good stuff” almost everywhere. That about sums up my trip to New York, and I can’t wait to go back.

Feel free to drop a line about these places or places I should check out next time.

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