Who is D-WHY?

David Morris, the West Virginia 24-year old goes by the name D-WHY. Residing in and around New York and Los Angeles, the man is making quite the name for himself. And while it sounded clever over Gambino’s “Freaks And Geeks,” it’s the best way to describe this multifaceted artist, “Jay-Z meets J. Christ meets Jay Leno meets J.Crew.”

A while back, one of my boys (a fellow Gambino fan), told me to check out this D-WHY character because jokingly, he said we were similar. I obliged and watched this “Shooter McGavin” video on YouTube, which at the time had just over 8,000 views. It’s safe to say I was hooked, no homo. Morris has a refreshing care-free flow. With the release of his first official project (which I’ll get to a bit later), the tagline was as follows, “No genres. No boundaries. Just me. Just art. Just music.” Artists with strong mottos, that they actually stick too are usually the most impressive. Another one of his early public tracks was over a Local Natives instrumental, which if you’re not familiar with, is an indie rock group with one album out. It was easy to see that diversity is word often used in D-WHY’s vocabulary. 

“Accessories compliment, but the outfit is insulting”

Aside from his ability to deliver smooth hooks, chopped flows, Busta Rhymes-like speed and quick quips, D-WHY’s style is impeccable. As he mentioned on his Lifestyle blog, while compiling a track, he envisions the visuals during the process. During these videos, he rocks Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Brooklyn Circus, and vintage thrift-store pieces that cost him single-digit dollars. In an interview, Morris states that it’s not necessarily about the brand, as it is the fit.

As I waited by his YouTube page and Twitter feed like a kid eager for christmas gifts, “Macchiato Music” dropped. An original track produced by T-Minus…yes, T-Minus. The man who works with the likes of Drake, Wayne, Wale, Nicki and T.I. The video for this gem was shot in Italy without consent or licensing. Bold Mr. Morris. This joint was like D-WHY’s consummation into the industry.

So here were are, Summer 2012 and D-WHY is ready to drop his first official project Don’t Flatter Yourself. Before the entire tape hit the web, a track surfaced which featured the multi-talented producer/rapper Hit-Boy. I remember seeing a picture of D-WHY at Hit’s 4th of July party hanging out with the “big dogs,” and I thought to myself, ‘these two need to collaborate.’ Sure enough, “All Good” features a production from right-hand man Marcus D’Tray and solid verse from the “Ni**as In Paris” beat creator Chauncey Hollis.

“Smoking purple, wearing gold, you would think I was a Laker”

Any doubters of visual creativity were silenced with the next two releases. “We Don’t Know” sees a handful of adults running rampant, expressing their inner youth. It is the absolute epitome of what a good summer looks like.  The most impressive however, also involved director Jakob Owens, “New York Times” shows us an eclectic flashing backdrop of The Big Apple, with a unique underlying storyline.

D-WHY pushes the genre-boundaries to the fullest, which is a quality more artists should garner. From the Calvin Harris feel-good “We Don’t Know,” to the cinematographic sounding “New York Times,” to the Romeo + Juliet themed “Limitless,” to the Sum-41-esque “David & Goliath,” to the hard hitting “Ballad Of An Asshole.” You would be hard-pressed to find one artist that has experimented in all these realms, let alone on a one album. D-WHY is open and honest, making his art relatable. Everything from the constant substitution of alcohol for coffee, to the album title itself Don’t Flatter Yourself, where he wasn’t afraid to ask for help. The future is looking incredibly bright and witty for David Morris, aka D-WHY.

Click Cover to Download (ZIP/M4A/256kbps/Tagged Lyrics)

What are your thoughts on D-WHY and Don’t Flatter Yourself?

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