Lana Del Rey: 5 Unreleased Tracks

It hasn’t been that long since we’ve heard from the most recent indie pop queen, but it feels like forever. Lana Del Rey’s debut record was Born into success. With the singles heating up charts, radios and blogs everywhere, it was bound to find itself at the top, good or bad. Born To Die was indeed a great pop record. In the last few days, her name has caught fire once again. She is re-releasing the album in “Paradise Edition” form. It will contain 7 unreleased tracks, 5 of which were posted on Soundcloud for download (100 max each unfortunately). I happen to be online at the right time and was able to download them. So if you missed out, here they are, give them a listen, download or just pass on by.

There is something to be said about demos, they hold that raw sound that you often miss out on when it has been produced and mastered.

Lana Del Rey – Go Go Dance (Unreleased)

Lana Del Rey – Ghetto Baby (Demo)

Lana Del Rey – Serial Killer (Unreleased)

Lana Del Rey – Ooh Baby (Unreleased)

Lana Del Rey – Summer Of Sam (Unreleased)

Download All 5 Tracks [ZIP/AAC/256kbps]

UPDATE: The Paradise Edition Tracklist/Cover + 3 New Downloads


Download Born To Die (Deluxe Edition) in iTunes



    1. I would say her voice first off, is something different and refreshing. Her themes are easy for almost anyone to relate with. She’s marketed to perfection; clothing, presentation, persona, etc, not to mention she’s gorgeous, in a very wholesome way. Finally, I would say her music is very nostalgic (summertime, first loves, good friends, etc).
      I’m not sure if you wanted a long answer, but I felt obliged.
      Ps. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. Hey Luke, you’re welcome. As for the track listing, it’s still unknown. Still no word on what tracks will be included in the final project. Once I know, i’ll be sure to post it up though.


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