Chris Brown vs. Drake: Round 1

Thoughts on the beef. Originally I was led to believe (optimistically) that the beef between Toronto’s Drake and Virginia’s Chris Brown was paparazzi/publicity based. However, Brown made it clear on June 30th that he has something on his mind.

The reasoning behind the beef can easily be traced back to Rihanna, Brown’s ex-girlfriend and Drake’s new “friend.” Others say it’s because they’re both competing in the R&B/Rapper combination arena. Maybe it’s just good sport. My guess is that Chris Brown’s new record Fortune, drops in 2 days. The critics and vultures have already landed on the LP, and the verdict is less than favourable. So why not take shots at one of the most publicized artists in the industry? Stir some hype up, it’s strategic.

Chris Brown – I Don’t Like (Remix) [feat. Game] {Drake Diss}

“But hold up, I ain’t give a ni**a no green light” – In reference to Drake making a move on his old girl.

“Them eyebrows, man them shits is yikes!” – In reference to Drake’s bushy eyebrows. This is a stupid line, if you think he’s with your old girl, clearly she doesn’t have a problem with his brows. You both wheel the ladies effortlessly, it’d be like making fun of Ross for being fat.

“OVO you overdose, screaming YOLO, No I live twice” – This is a great jab! Poking fun at two of Drake’s most important and talked about mission statements, so to speak.

The downside of all of this for Chris Brown is, it’s too easy for people to take jabs at him. Unless, you’re in bed with Rihanna and refuse to use her story for sport. We’ll just have to wait and see for his response, if there is one.


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