“Bieber’s Debut” Debuts #1

The Canadian wonder-boy has done it again. The record sales for Believe are in and they did not disappoint.

I was incredibly curious to see where Justin Bieber’s new full-length Believe would land. The Ontario-native’s first two records were undoubtedly created for teenagers, the radio, and thousands of adolescents who avoided searching the ‘J’ section in their iTunes library when their friends were around. The fourth record however, brings us features from Drake, Big Sean, Ludacris and Nicki Minaj. Not to mention production from Hit-Boy (The Throne’s “Ni**as In Paris”), Darkchild (Beyoncé’s”Déjà Vu”), Bei Major (Wiz’s “Rooftops”), Diplo (CB’s “Look At Me Now”). Subsequently, that leads people like Hit-Boy, who has a large Hip-Hop following, to tweet and retweet with the Biebz as the subject line.

Conclusion: Justin Bieber is the next Justin Timberlake, plain and simple. Not necessarily the music, style or acting career, but the concept of progressing as an artist and making that transition from pure pop to remixes with Mac, Asher and 2 Chainz.

Timberlake had all the teenagers screaming during the N’Sync days. It wasn’t until he worked with the likes of Timbaland, The Neptunes and Scott Storch on Justified that the Hip-Hop community saw him for something other than a pop-icon. Following the re-introduction into the music industry, JT dropped FutureSex/LoveSounds and everyone went wild. The record made not only the U.S. Billboard 200 three years in a row, but also the U.S. Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums list, that’s right three years in a row. The album received multiple Grammy Nominations and according to MTV, FS/LS has sold 10 million copies worldwide. It was nearly impossible hide from the sounds of Justin Timberlake, if it wasn’t the radio, it was weddings, clubs, Hip Hop blogs, and everything in between.

Justin Bieber’s Believe debuted #1 with 373,456 copies moved in the U.S. alone (in one week). Just speculating here, but I would imagine the demographic of purchasers has altered significantly from his first EP My World. Yes the record is still incredibly pop-infused (as is Justified), and yes the 18-year old heartthrob still needs time to grow and mature. The question is, what can we expect for his next album?

What do you think of the album, the Bieber or any of the aforementioned thoughts?


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