Robert Moog

The Google Doodle honoured Robert Moog today, who passed away in 2005. He was the founder and extraordinary mind behind the Moog synthesizer.

Born May 23, 1934, Robert Arthur Moog is a pioneer for electronic music. He earned a Ph.D. in engineering physics from Cornell University, a bachelor’s degree in physics from Queens College and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Columbia University. He developed a unique low-pass filter, which he patented in 1969. The low-pass filter creates an easy passage for the low-frequency signals while dampening the passage of high-frequency signals. On top of this patent, he’s listed as the inventor of nine others.

At age 19, Moog started his own business, R.A. Moog Co. which would eventually change to Moog Music. In 1970, the company released their first monophonic analog synthesizer called the Minimoog. However, with poor development and management, Robert was forced out of his own company. In 1978, he joined Big Briar, a musical instrument manufacturer. In 1999, he developed both analog effects pedals called moogerfoogers, and a digital effects plugin for Pro Tools. By 2002, Moog redesigned the Minimoog, calling it the Minimoog Voyager.

The Minimoog has been at the epicentre of many records we all love. The Beatles put the Moog on the map with Abbey Road. Other artists include Coldplay, Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre, Stevie Wonder Nine Inch Nails, Deadmau5, Franz Ferdinand, Radiohead, Daft Punk and many more. The diversity amongst genres is vast. An instrument or tool as Moog calls them for everyone of all tastes.

Minimoog Model D

In 2005, Robert Moog was diagnosed with a brain tumour and passed away August 21, 2005. A Bog Moog Foundation was later launched dedicated to “igniting creativity at the intersection of music, history, science, and innovation.”

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