Who Is A$AP?

Always Strive And Prosper

By now, you’ve heard of A$AP Rocky, the mixtape, hopping on Schoolboy Q’s most prominent track and joining Drake on tour. Rocky is just one of 8 core members to the A$AP Mob. The Harlem crew is making noise in the Hip Hop world. I’ll give you a brief breakdown of the crew.

A$AP Rocky

Rakim Mayers, 23. Named after Eric B. & Rakim, an incarcerated father at age 12 and a brother killed the next year, you’re destined to have a few stories to tell. LiveLoveA$AP dropped October 2011 for free as an independent release. “This Pretty Motherfucker’s” mixtape has turned into a full-length and is being re-released for retail RCA Records February 21.

  A$AP Twelvy

Jamal Phillips, 22. Harlem-born, living in the Bronx. He considers himself the “general,” networking  and business are his strong suits.

Twlevy dropped some good lines on “Trilla”

 That’s swag bitch, you made bitch, see you in my past bitch

A$AP Ty Beats

Tyshaun Holloway, 18. From the same block as Rocky, 139th & Lenox, they met over Facebook and Ty became his goto beat maker. Producing Rocky’s first mainstream single “Peso” and “Purple Swag” from LiveLoveA$AP. He also produced “Nightmare On Figg St.” for Schoolboy Q’s latest project Habits & Contradictions.


  A$AP Yams

Jesus Steven Manuel Rodriguez Paulino, 23. Responsible for naming A$AP and the manger of the group. He met Rocky through Bari, who talked up Rocky’s rap game. Eventually, Yams met him and the “shit was rocking.” Paulino’s next goal is to transform A$AP into the next Def Jam.

A$AP Bari

Jabari Shelton, 20. Born and raised in Harlem, and the founder of A$AP. He had known Yams and Rocky from a young age, and pieced the puzzle together over time. Fashion is one of his main focuses and he helps the group look fly and stay current. Bari also has a clothing line on the way.

A$AP Ferg

Darold Ferguson, 23. The Motivator is the title Ferg often likes to take. His ‘ride together, die together’ motto keeps the group’s spirits high. He’s not without the ability to throw down a few lines though (“Kissin’ Pink”)

Moving like it’s turtle time, Feeling like the world is mine, And I be on my Fergenstein

A$AP Nast

Tairiq Devega, 21. Nast is Rocky’s cousin, they grew up together but ended up going their own ways. It wasn’t until Bari started bringing Rocky around the hood, that they reunited. He’s more of the behind-the-scenes type, always making sure everything runs smoothly “on camera.” Along with Twelvy, he delivered big on “Trilla”

God bless America, My flow hysteria Style wild like my nigga Common after Erykah

Watch the Mob in “Wassup”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6I2Ek_j_Xc&feature=youtu.be]

Click to Download LiveLoveA$AP

Facts via Complex



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