The Debut

Welcome to H.A.M.

Originally on it’s way to being called “The Round Up,” I rearranged AHM and the rest is history. Made popular by Jay-Z & Kanye, Hard As A Motherfucker coincides with the blog on multiple levels.
While my world might consist of sports on a hourly basis, everyone can use a couple drops of sweat in their life.



Super Bowl XLVI Champion:

New York Giants

Not necessarily the most entertaining Super Bowl i’ve ever watched, but none the less a good game. The Pats offensive play seemed a little lacklustre. Gronkowski came into the game battling an ankle injury, which definitely showed on the field. Mario Manningham made a clutch sideline pass with less than 5 minutes left in the game. A hail mary pass from Brady averted by the defence, a sub-par half-time show from Madonna and there you have it. Shout out to Jona Rechnitz, who bet $1000 that the first score of the game would be a New York Giants safety, you’re $50K richer.

Sam Gagner

8 Points?

Sam Gagner of the Edmonton Oilers has 14 points in his last 4 games. Most notably, a 8 point effort (4 G, 4 A) against Chicago on February 2. Wait though, on Edmonton’s third goal, Gagner gains the zone, Hjalmarsson knocks the puck out of his possession and Bolland tries to clear the zone on to Whitney’s stick, who then scores. Watch the replay.

Either way it was a phenomenal game for Gagner. Mr. Beast-Mode continued through the next three games with one point in Toronto and a combined 4 goals and 1 assist over two games against Detroit.


Jeremy Lin

The 23 year old guard who had no high school scholarships, went un-drafted out of college, took a roller coaster ride in Golden State, was claimed and waived by the Rockets in a span of 12 days, found his way to the New York Knicks on December 27, 2011. Failing to receive a backup spot on the line-up, Lin ended up in the D-League. A triple-double later for the BayHawks, the Knicks quickly recalled the hot hand. On February 4, 2012, Lin had a career night posting 25 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists and only 1 turnover. With the win over the Nets, the Knicks were gearing up to host the Jazz two nights later. Lin added a few to that twenty-five. 28 points, 2 boards and 8 helpers and a win over Utah. Tonight, Jeremy helped New York over Washington with 23 points, 4 boards and 10 assists.

2013 Winter Classic

Toronto vs. Detroit

The NHL will make the official announcement Thursday that Detroit Red Wings will host the 2013 Winter Classic against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium. The outdoor stadium can squeeze over 100,000 patrons in with what will most likely be a freezing day, literally. I look forward to HBO’s Road to the Winter Classic series that follows the two teams three weeks leading up to the showdown.

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