Better late than never. I finally took the chance to watch the “Indie-Star-Studded,” based on a true story comedy. Establishing a connection with a movie immediately is the key to a successful viewing. Whether it be the storyline, character or location. I found myself relating to Adam’s (Gordon-Levitt) character, but not his situation. The organizational OCD, taste in music, lack of driver’s license and strong-willed, caring mother hit close to home. Not to mention, Pike & Cambie is an impossible intersection. Seeing the city you’ve lived in your entire life in a film can definitely add to the experience. Accompanied by phenomonal music from Radiohead, Roy Orbison, The Walkmen and perhaps the most pivotal scene; the triumphant Explosions In The Sky-esque song by Liars, “The Other Side Of Mt. Heart Attack.” As for storyline, the film is carried out well, captures the comedy and tragedy of life; leaving you laughing, and for some crying.


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